Kay Schenk wrote:
If someone had admin options, we should be able to export ALL cases as XML. However, in order to use them, we'd need to create an XSLT file for them, then go through converting THAT to something, as we do with the Apache OpenOffice biz area.

A bulk export would still be convenient, so I hope we can get Adfinis to pay some attention (but I remember you tried to contact them already).

I'm confused about the final usage. So you are not advocating that we simply keep using Testlink (and storing the tests somewhere "just in case", as a backup), but you foresee we would have to migrate them to some other system, correct?

Licensing? Hmmm...since nearly all were written by the IBM crew, I just figured we were OK on this aspect.

Yes, let's keep it out of the picture indeed. Just, it is cleaner under all points of view if we manage to get a proper export rather than scraping our own site. But if the aim is not to have another Testlink, then this "copy" step might be needed anyway.


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