On 02/12/2018 03:04 PM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
Kay Schenk wrote:
We will need to discuss further what to do with these  at some point.
And, if you find a better way to do this -- please let us know.

If the Adfinis guys were responsive, what would you recommend? I mean, if they gave you admin access to Testlink would this solve the problem?

Otherwise it's a lot of work to export everything just to import all testcases again somewhere else (and we haven't even touched the licensing side). You already did a lot, but if we can get the same in one shot by simply having you as a Testlink admin, I would continue to investigate that option.


If someone had admin options, we should be able to export ALL cases as XML. However, in order to use them, we'd need to create an XSLT file for them, then go through converting THAT to something, as we do with the Apache OpenOffice biz area.

Licensing? Hmmm...since nearly all were written by the IBM crew, I just figured we were OK on this aspect.

I have more ideas on how to store and use them, but this could come later. If they were just used as say BZ attachments, would that simplify the "licensing" aspects?


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