You might want to look at Blender, at least from the data management aspect.  
It’s also scriptable so can be used in a processing pipeline if needed.

I’m looking at the same sorts of visualization needs.  Starting with a Pipe 
profiler.  We already have a visualizer in AutoCAD, and could build a profile 
maker in there, but I looking at some Web options first.


On Jul 27, 2016, at 10:53 AM, Tyler Veinot 
<<>> wrote:

Hi all;
Anyone here use QGIS for a water and sewer utility that can suggest some good 
plugins for; structuring, processing, and/or cleaning data? Any plugin 
repositories that might be of interest to me?
Has anyone worked with profile views in QGIS? I tried a few plugins for viewing 
3D datasets but I am interested to see what else is out there and/or is being 
worked on.

Currently tried GHydraulics, mmqgis, networks, qgis_epanet, Qgis2threejs
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