at the moment there are various ways to add openstreetmap data to qgis. as far as i can tell, they all rely upon downloading a .osm/obf/pbf file in some semi-automated way and importing it. none of the existing tools allow for any existing data to be deleted and replaced with the new.

what i would like to do is add a "live" layer to my qgis projects, such that any data is periodically and transparently re-downloaded and updated. for those of you who are familiar with JOSM, this would be similar to the "continuos download" [sic] plugin for that software.

so, any suggestions?

at present, the only solution i have is a script which runs every n minutes/hours to download the requisite area (based upon the boundary of the qgis project), deletes the contents of the existing .osm layer and then imports the new data. i'd like to know if anyone has other ideas or can point me to existing functionality/plugins.


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