On 2016-09-01 23:10, massimiliano crea wrote:
Hello, I'm a Qgis user for several years. Use the program to create
maps to be printed on paper. Now I created a map using OSM map data
and official of my region, working with raster and vector. I use Qgis
2.14.3 and I'm using QTiles to realize tiles for a publication on the
web. My problem is that the labels do not fit between the various
tiles. Simulating the collage of adjacent tiles, the labels are all
fragmented. How can I fix?

Can you give me some guidance?

firstly, could you create a new email thread if you want to discuss a new topic? merely changing the "subject" line after hitting "reply" breaks the threading for those of us that use it. maybe yahoo and certainly google mail will break it even more to make an attempt to describe it correctly, so you may not see this problem.

secondly, there are a few bugs in qtiles, take a look at https://github.com/nextgis/QTiles/issues . this is because it is relatively new, experimental software. i also have the bug you described, probably others have too.

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