On 2016-08-29 02:56, Greg Troxel wrote:
Robin Paulson <ro...@bumblepuppy.org> writes:

at the moment there are various ways to add openstreetmap data to
qgis. as far as i can tell, they all rely upon downloading a
.osm/obf/pbf file in some semi-automated way and importing it. none of
the existing tools allow for any existing data to be deleted and
replaced with the new.

what i would like to do is add a "live" layer to my qgis projects,
such that any data is periodically and transparently re-downloaded and
updated. for those of you who are familiar with JOSM, this would be
similar to the "continuos download" [sic] plugin for that software.

Two thoughts (and note that I don't use qgis yet, but do map for OSM):

  OSM resources can be somewhat easily overwhelmed, so some care in
  understanding the load put on servers is in order, unless you are
  talking about downloading from someplace outside of OSM that you're
  paying for access, etc.

the data we are getting is currently around 1MB of .osm files. we may get more in future, but nowhere near enough to cause any problems.

  People sometimes import OSM into postgis, and then apply
  daily/hourly/minutely diff files to keep their database up to date.
Doing this and having qgis operate from the live database seems like a
  plausible way to do what you want.  A local database could also
  support other uses such as tile generation.

yep, the workflow at the moment is to periodically use osm2pgsql to import new overpass-sourced data into postgis, but it's fiddly and requires me to maintain sql (i hate sql...) statements to process the data correctly, set up primary keys, maintain .style files, etc.

i was hoping for something in existence already. maybe i build a thing myself out of my kludgy scripts and publish it.

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