On 2016-09-01 10:04, Robin Paulson wrote:
On 2016-08-29 04:24, Etienne Trimaille wrote:
You have to set up a database with the OSM diff to get an up to date
OSM database. Then you can add your PostGIS layers in QGIS.

You can have a look to this docker project :
https://github.com/kartoza/docker-osm [2]
These OSM layers are updated every two minutes by default, and you can
see these layers in QGIS.

that's excellent, i'll take a look at that, cheers.

in answer to the original question of use case:
i and others are continually adding data to osm in a particular area
which interests us, and using that data in our qgis project. we wish
to keep track of that data and how it relates to other (non-osm) data
in our qgis project. we have found it is easiest to visualise this
within the qgis project.

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