You have to set up a database with the OSM diff to get an up to date OSM
database. Then you can add your PostGIS layers in QGIS.

You can have a look to this docker project :
These OSM layers are updated every two minutes by default, and you can see
these layers in QGIS.

2016-08-28 16:56 GMT+02:00 Greg Troxel <>:

> Robin Paulson <> writes:
> > at the moment there are various ways to add openstreetmap data to
> > qgis. as far as i can tell, they all rely upon downloading a
> > .osm/obf/pbf file in some semi-automated way and importing it. none of
> > the existing tools allow for any existing data to be deleted and
> > replaced with the new.
> >
> > what i would like to do is add a "live" layer to my qgis projects,
> > such that any data is periodically and transparently re-downloaded and
> > updated. for those of you who are familiar with JOSM, this would be
> > similar to the "continuos download" [sic] plugin for that software.
> Two thoughts (and note that I don't use qgis yet, but do map for OSM):
>   OSM resources can be somewhat easily overwhelmed, so some care in
>   understanding the load put on servers is in order, unless you are
>   talking about downloading from someplace outside of OSM that you're
>   paying for access, etc.
>   People sometimes import OSM into postgis, and then apply
>   daily/hourly/minutely diff files to keep their database up to date.
>   Doing this and having qgis operate from the live database seems like a
>   plausible way to do what you want.  A local database could also
>   support other uses such as tile generation.
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