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I was asked to give a 5 days international GIS training course at the university and proposed to do it with QGIS. The program leader finally insisted on doing it with ArcGIS arguing that the students had better chances to find a job knowing ArcGIS rather than QGIS. This argumentation does not reflect my long professional experience as a GIS consultant at all! But how can I proof that knowing QGIS is the better choice for young GIS professionals than ArcGIS (or at least that both systems are equally suited)? Does anybody know any official numbers of GIS users worldwide or on the worldwide application of QGIS over ArcGIS?

I know the Master thesis from Boku Vienna ( but it is focused on a technical comparison of both systems only. Also the link is not really helpful because it is based on some 40 reviews only and therefore not representative. I really need to know some proven facts on the number of global QGIS users and renown companies using QGIS worldwide.

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