Vincent at Macports has done a great job packaging qgis3, cf.

grass7 was just upgraded to 7.4, postgresql10 to 10.2.

qgis3 is at 20180124.


On 2/14/18 11:18 AM, Madry, Scott wrote:
Hi all.

As a dedicated Mac QGIS user, trainer, and research. I want to put in a plea to keep the Mac OS development process on pace. There are many of us out there who use the Mac OS version, and we need to get these issues with matplotlib, GRASS, and others addresses so that we have a good 3.0 rollout.

I would be happy to assist with testing, thanks for all your efforts,


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On Feb 14, 2018, at 12:20 PM, John Harrop < <>> wrote:


Thanks for the pointers, they seen much more up to date than the older ones pointed to by the QGIS web site.

I’ve been trying to build from the notes since you posted your suggestion and I see what you mean about the matplotlib problem. I forked the Mac OS X build notes on GitHub and started to work on them to see if I could get a working set for the matplotlib problems but not much luck.  However, I do seem to have it installed through pip or otherwise, so I worked past that step and have been trying to get CMake to configure a makefile but there are problems there as well.  I fixed a missing library by manually installing but I’m now having problems with Qt5Positioning which is not being found.

its been a while since I was active in configuring build systems so I’m having to clean off the dust in my memories and learn newer versions of the systems.

I get the impression that not much has been going on with Mac OS X dev builds for at least a few months and quite a few dependancies have changed over that time.  I’ll keep working on this and hopefully there are some other GIS testers also interested in the Macs.

Let me know if you are still trying to get the Mac OS X dev build working or if you have had success.


John Harrop <>

On Feb 8, 2018, at 10:22 PM, wrote:

Hi John,

I believe there is no current complete dmg-file for QGIS3-dev. But you can use the excellent site under [1] to install QGIS3-dev using Homebrew.  Unfortunately, there are problems with the matplotlib dependency at the moment (see [2]). Yersterday I've tried to install the current version but it failed.

Even so I hope that my hints help.



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Is it possible to be involved in OS X testing of the QGIS 3 beta?  There are parts of the web site that suggest it is, but I have not been able to find a web
age for up to date downloads.


John Harrop

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