Hi Davide,

I have a QXL 2 card, but it can only access 512x256, 640x480, 800x600.

The PC is a Amstrad 486 SLC with 1Mb video ram. Which only allows the maximum resolution of 800x600.

I have not tried the serial ports with an up to daye version of SMSQ/E.

But with SMSQ v2.57, the serial ports worked, Sernet connected to Q60, QPC2, QL Network connected.

I will try SMSQ/E to see is these functions still work.

I also have Atari MegaSTE QVME system, I will set this up and see if they have problems.



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Thank you all for the swift and helpful answers

I understand the QXL issues are really difficult to be managed also because
the interaction with the host PC and graphic card introduces a further level
of uncertainty in all the process, a real nightmare a part from the fact
that maybe there is not even a single user using a QXL as main or probably
even secondary QL system. Anyway I will check with Andrea Carpi whether he
could manage to retrieve some more information regarding his setup and
SMSQ/E version.

Nice to know the "initialise ROM" issue can be easily solved.

The DD disk bug is something which would deserve the fix, I understand from
what both Wolfgang and Marcel replied that even having the 2.91 or pre 2.91
sources (completely lost? Is there not any way to retrieve them from e.g.
Tony, Jochen or somebody else?) it might be really difficult to make any
troubleshooting, even worse considering not to have a SGC for the tests. I
really hope Marcel you will manage to get one soon!!!

By the way (sorry for the simple minded questions - my last assembler 68k
compile is dated probably 25 years ago and never looked at the SMSQ/E
sources), when introducing the modifications on the sources is there any
"source control" now? I.e. to avoid that in the future changes causing
"bugs" could not be tracked in the future like is the case for the DD one?



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Wolf via Ql-Users wrote:
In the last months on the Italian Sinclair QL mailing list we had
quite a number of discussions on some bugs (?) that appeared in SMSQ/E
and were probably not promptly spotted because of the impossibility of
testing everything and lack of feedback from users (who maybe were not
upgrading regularly).

It's also mostly access to the required hardware. I was going to buy Jochen
Hassler's SGC but so far he wasn't able to find it! :-( Hope it turns up in
a box sometime.

I do have a QXL that was kindly donated to me 10 years ago or so, but I
don't really see much point in maintaining it.

1) SMSQ/E for Aurora does not read anymore DD floppy disks.
Everything was working till 2.91. From the tests did on some SMSQ/E
version we found 2.95 has the bug, 2.98 crashes, 3.03 has the bug
The version of SMSQE I got was 2.99.

The latest I have found in a quick search is 2.93. I probably have older
ones at least partly on some floppy discs. But the thing is 2.92 was the
introduction of the Q40 and if I remember correctly this was such a major
change in the sources that comapring 2.91 and 2.91 will not result in much
more enlightnment.

I guess it does not make sense to spend effort for SMSQ/E for QXL,
but the issues on the GC/SGC/Aurora versions I think would deserve at
least a try.
Both deserve a try, and both have already got a try from me,
unfortunately without success.

I will help once I get my hands on the hardware, but this can take a while.
And while I find the offers very kind I don't want to work on loaned
hardware, sorry.

Cheers, Marcel

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