via Ql-Users wrote:
> The DD disk bug is something which would deserve the fix, I understand from
> what both Wolfgang and Marcel replied that even having the 2.91 or pre 2.91
> sources (completely lost? Is there not any way to retrieve them from e.g.
> Tony, Jochen or somebody else?)

Probably not or at least not without some effort.

> it might be really difficult to make any troubleshooting, even worse
> considering not to have a SGC for the tests. I really hope Marcel
> you will manage to get one soon!!!

Thanks. In related news, I really must check again with Jochen, but if
anybody else has a card for sale for a reasonable price... ;)

> By the way (sorry for the simple minded questions - my last assembler 68k
> compile is dated probably 25 years ago and never looked at the SMSQ/E
> sources), when introducing the modifications on the sources is there any
> "source control" now? I.e. to avoid that in the future changes causing
> "bugs" could not be tracked in the future like is the case for the DD one?

Unfortunately no because the files are hosted natively and there is no
native source control (or if there is it's some old bugger like CVS).
But there were times when I wished I had the history saved in my
Mercuriel source control, too.

Wolfgang, do you still have the .WIN files for the different version
that you hosted?


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