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> I dont know of an easy way. It seems to be a feature of Wman. The two
> solutions I can suggest are:
> 1. Two-step approach: Have a keypress, say TAB, to select the MAW, then
> press the relevant key.

This seems to be an acceptable solution, certainly the ideal solution would
be to improve WMAN ... :-D

> 2. Hidden Loose Items: If there are not too many items in the MAW, and they
> remain the same throughout the session, add some hidden Loose Items to the
> main menu. Hidden LIs are buttons with no dimensions at a convenient
> out-of-the-way location in the main window, that have a selection keystroke
> as their only property. Make those selection keys the same as for the MAW
> ones and let them perform the same actions, that way, whichever window the
> pointer is in the same keystrokes will lead to the same actions seamlessly.
> The content of the windows application is dynamic, so I can not know what
>> it contains and can change the language, so I do not think it's a viable
>> solution.
> But this idea of hidden loose items seems intriguing for other uses. Also
>> i'm not sure you understand how it works, can you try to explain the idea
>> with more details please?
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