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Hi all,

I am trying to get my head around EasyPtr (again).

I have been playing with the new ability to create resizable windows. This
turns out to be not terribly difficult, and I was able to create a
resizable version of the calculator from Norman Dunbar's tutorial without
suffering too much.

However, creating a freely resizable version of QBase is dependent on being
able to read the size of the newly resized window.and its components. I
have been unable to find any obvious way to do this.

Does anyone know how this is accomplished?

I use the following routine after every move or resize.
It has the advantage of returning the actual values, because calculated values given to MDRAW for a new position or size can be adjusted by WMAN2. That may make X even and will always keep the window inside the screen, including shadow spaces.

 DEFine PROCedure MENU_XYS (kanal%,wdef,xs%,ys%,xo%,yo%)
 REM >>> get coords of current outline channel
  wdef= MWDEF(#kanal%) : REM >>> get address working definition
  xs%= PEEK_W(wdef +32): ys%= PEEK_W(wdef +34) : REM >>> get size
  xo%= PEEK_W(wdef +36): yo%= PEEK_W(wdef +38) : REM >>> get position


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