On this (Quantum) Leap day, I proudly present the re-release of QBOX. And
not just the version that's been laying around for years in scattered
files, but a complete ready-to-run WIN container that works over TCP/IP on
QPC2, SMSQmulator and UQLX! It also contains the complete QL file archive
of my BBS from 1987 to 2003, which is about 48MB.

You can find the complete repository (including source files) on GitHub:
https://github.com/SinclairQL/QBOX . Just download the QBOXRUN.ZIP file,
unzip it in the directory where your .WIN files reside, and make win8_
point to the QBOXRUN.WIN container. Enter EX win8_QBOX;'-D win8_' (or
PROG_USE win8_ followed by EX QBOX) and then telnet to the machine where
your BBS runs *on port 5000*.
N.B.: The default login and password are 'Sysop' and 'QBOX' [image: ;)]

Happy BBS'ing!


*Jan Bredenbeek* | Hilversum, NL | j...@bredenbeek.net
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