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> Hi Jan,
> > I personally use a Linux machine or Raspberry Pi with tcpser and a>
> USB-to-serial converter to exchange files to my BBQL.
> How about using a Q68 as bridge from Linux (SER) to QLNET (BBQL)?
> This way you could use higher baudrates. And network is much faster on
> the BBQL than SER.

>From PC or RPi to Q68 it's just a matter of swapping SDHC cards ;-).
I've just ordered Schottky diodes for the operation 'Q68-net'.
I followed the discussion on the QL forum about fitting network sockets to
the Q68 case. This doesn't look very straightforward. I think removing the
on/off switch and mounting the network socket there will be the best
solution with minimal impact (I only need one network socket).
Or is there a simple way to convert the sound output socket to a network
socket with minimal damage?

For users without a Q68, QBOX's FidoNet technology network utilities might
be a better way to exchange files without having to log in to a BBS and
manually downloading each file. I'll upload them asap. This way you could
transfer files by putting them on hold as attachments and use POLL/MAIL to
get them off the BBS. Oh well, I first thought the FidoNet utils would be
useless these days but now there still seems to be a use case for them :-).

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