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> If you have no problem with network plugs on the front side, then I'd
> recommend drilling a hole to the front panel.

For the moment I have removed the on/off switch as I pull out the mains
plug of the power supply anyway to save energy.

> > Or is there a simple way to convert the sound output socket to a network
> > socket with minimal damage?
> It is even possible without *any* damage, but you would lose sound. Some
> tinkering would be involved, drilling a hole is definitely easier.

>From what I can see I have to remove the capacitors(?) in the PCB tracks to
the socket, which is quite a challenge given their small size, the crowded
PCB area and my aging eyes :-(. So I have mounted the resistors and diode
in the area for the expansion connector and used the ground hole on the
reset connector for ground (I did not dare to use the ground hole on the
expansion connector as it's very close to the +3.3V and a short-circuit is
easily made.

Anyway, it's working now... got about 30Kbit throughput between the Q68 and
a BBQL with GC, which is about the expected rate given the fact that QLnet
is half-duplex. SERnet between Q68 and PC is about twice as fast at 115200
baud, but as I said it's easier to do bulk transfers by swapping SDHC
cards. At least my BBQLs now have easy access to real mass-storage :-).


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