Yep, it is pretty cool.

I am already using it to update files on different Ql machines.

What I think is under estimated and not fully understood it is the possibility to use  Qbox not only with emulator that have tcp/ip built in but also by BBQL, Q6x with Simulant retro WIFI Rs232 adapter. The adapter is a very small box that connect to SER1 (powered by usual phone mini usb)

Using it, you can easily connect QLs to internet via Wifi, the box assign a dedicated IP address to the QL and establish a connection with

 other machine in your Lan (QL or not). I have multiple adapter and use them to connect to the 2 QL servers (a raspberry and my pC) using Qbox.

The Wifi adapter accept the command ATD"192.168.1.xx:5000" where xx is the address of the server, possibly (i think but not sure) even the IP Net driver of Martin Head could be extended to use it.


On 02/03/2020 10:26, Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users wrote:
Jan Bredenbeek via Ql-Users wrote:
On this (Quantum) Leap day, I proudly present the re-release of QBOX. And
not just the version that's been laying around for years in scattered
files, but a complete ready-to-run WIN container that works over TCP/IP on
QPC2, SMSQmulator and UQLX! It also contains the complete QL file archive
of my BBS from 1987 to 2003, which is about 48MB.
Oh my good, this is pretty cool. The only thing that's missing for the
complete retro experience is the anxiousness over the accumulate phone
bill and the haste to get things done as quickly as possible! :)

I often chatted to Jochen through his BBS and we exchanged SMSQ/E
sources and stuff this way as sending floppy discs quickly became too
annoying ;) Good times.

Cheers, Marcel

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