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> On 23/04/2020 13:08, Thierry Godefroy via Ql-Users wrote:
> > Err... I do need the corresponding sources, so that I can patch them
> > (I need a delay on boot for the hard disk, else it won't cold-boot
> > on it)
> Very interesting, is a common problem using compressed SMSQe Rom with 
> normal HD ?

It is a problem with my HD (a 60Gb Maxtor) and my Q60 @ 66MHz: SMSQ/E
boots so fast (from the ROM) that the HD does not have enough time to
spin up (after a cold start or a software reset) and be ready by the
time SMSQ/E tries and reads win1_boot, so SMSQ/E gives up on booting
on the HD...

> Could be this a value parametrized ?

I just coded a (very quick) and (totally) dirty 5s delay loop in the
Q40 HD init code. The *proper* fix would require waiting in a loop
(that would timeout after 10s or so) for a HD to show up and report
as being ready on the IDE port(s). This won't need any parameter, but
perhaps a disabling flag in the SMSQ/E config block, for people not
using any HD (or IDE drive) and booting only from floppy (disabling
that feature would allow for faster boot on floppy).

> Well I am curious to know what you did, can be this module published ?

Patch attached. I already reported the issue and transmitted the patch
to Wolfgang as well, a few months ago. I suppose I'm the only person
affected (with perhaps the only known configuration regrouping a low
spinning drive and a fast (overclocked) Q60)...

> > I can vouch for this fact that, sadly and while implementing a "full IDE"
> > compatibility mode, the Compact Flash cards (their "reader" is actually
> > just a controller-less CF connector to PATA IDE connector adapter) are
> > totally unreliable when used on an IDE bus, be it from SMSQ/E or Linux:
> > they *might* seem to work, at first (at least some brands might look like
> > they do), and as long as you copy files in a raw on a blank medium, but
> > as soon as you start deleting files and writing others (i.e. for random
> > access, and with fragmentation), you get immediate medium corruption !
> it is more easy to find on the market CF to IDE adapter, only for my Q40 
> I ordered recently from Amazon (should be here next week) an SD/IDE 
> adapter: Kalea Informatique - Adaptateur Convertisseur IDE 3.5" 40Pin 
> vers SD Card. I let you know .

I already did that, months ago... Tried with 32Gb CF cards made by
Transcend (first write on blank QXL.WIN works fine under SMSQ/E, then
rewrites corrupt the whole media) and SanDisk (not working *at all*
with the adapter).
Note that both CF cards (totally) fail under Q60-Linux as well (so it's
not SMSQ/E's fault).

> On Q60 I have a single adapter CF to IDE, similar to 2.5 inch HD 
> enclosure, that can hold 2 CF, one per side, master and slave. It works.

Lucky you !

Feel free to provide the community with the brands and models
(especially the CF card brand/model, since this is the only thing
which truly counts for a controller-less IDE/CF adapter).
Also, perhaps your "2.5 inch HD enclosure" is in fact equipped with
an actual IDE controller (is there any IC on its PCB) ?

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