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My Q68 failed consistently with all SDHC cards I've tried here when
configured for fast. It definitely did not slow down automatically
when configured to fast (SMSQE 3.38) - the Q68 either crashed or
failed to recognise the cards at 40MHz. Either I've been unlucky and
NONE of the cards I have are capable of fast, or the "auto-slow"
doesn't work at all. Mind you, my Q68 has never been able to run Jan's
Minerva port either.

Have you tried the latest version 1.64 on my GitHub page? https://github.com/janbredenbeek/Minerva4Q68

Mark Swift and I have spent many hours in researching this issue but so far I haven't got a response from Mark on this version.

Oh well, if Peter Graf can upgrade my Q68 to v1.05 in May I might be able to do more research...

Best regards,

Jan Bredenbeek | Hilversum, NL | j...@bredenbeek.net

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