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> Yes, when I first looked at it.  As is often the case with Dan, I just
> disagree.  It's not straight text in the sense I mean; it's not human
> readable.  Of all the strange choices Dan's made that I've encountered
> in working with qmail, this is the first one that I fail completely to
> understand.  All the others, I see the tradeoffs and I see why he chose
> as he did, even if I might have chosen otherwise.  This one makes zero
> sense.  It's non-functional.  It doesn't connect to the way I work.

syslog timestamps are amazingly annoying to try to parse.  TAI64 is
trivial to parse.  This is a significant improvement.

ISO date/time format would also have been easy to parse, and I would have
been slightly happier with that, but TAI64 is definitely a *huge*
improvement over syslog if you want to do anything at all automated with
the logs.

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