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On 1 Aug 00, at 9:58, Michael T. Babcock wrote:

> Are you asking more for something like:
> 2000/07/31 06:02:10.42 (GMT+05)
> This has always been the date format I've prefered ... its sortable
> (as the year comes first -- although its quite narrow-minded of me to
> not allow for 5 digit dates),

It's not sortable:
1. '+' precedes '-' in ASCII. Yuck.
2. How do you compare (cutting unimportant stuff) 17:30 (GMT+1) 
and 18:00 (GMT+0)? Go figure.
3. Fixing seconds precision to two decimals is wrong, too.

There goes.

> > You mean this:
> >    Jul 31 06:02:10 gw qmail: 965023330.820010 status: local 1/10
> >    remote 0/50
> > ?

What? You're timestamping your logs both by syslog and some 
timestamper from old daemontools, whatever-was-its-name, 
accustamp? Why on Earth? Either you want to log through syslogd 
or something which adds the stamps (you call them human 
readable), or through accustamp or multilog which adds tai or tai64 

And, for what it's worth, _my_ logs should be machine readable, 
not human readable. I inspect qmail logs only seldom, and I can 
surely pipe them through tai(64n)local; however, my log analyzing 
tools run much more often, and I expect lots of reliability from 
them. And I don't want to spend several hours explaining the log 
parser that on my system, the timestamp looks like 
"%D %d %M %h:%m:%.4s %TZ" or whatever.

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