Den 06.09.2010 12:41, skrev ext
> It indeed uses qt4.7 rc1.
> I have been thinking about QML support, and there has been some ideas about 
> in in other forum, but so far no-one has been able to look what would be most 
> appropriate way to implement it.
> So, ideas, developers, resources for implementing it to Jambi would be useful.

I haven't tried it, but since QML works on QObjects, it might be pretty 
easy to get some basic stuff working just by mapping the public 
QDeclarative classes to Qt Jambi. When you register a Qt Jambi object 
(setContextProperty()) which inherits from QObject, its properties, 
signals and slots should be available for use in QML. I guess exposing 
custom types to QML will be harder, as it requires a call to a template 
function, so it would require some special-case binding code to be 
written, but I think you can get pretty far with the built-in types and 
QObjects. There might be (read: probably is) something I haven't 
considered, though =)

-- Eskil
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