> Hello Andrew 
>> This is the NetworkManager applet running in sys-firewall. Normally,
>> sys-firewall is connected to sys-net for network access, and the
>> NetworkManager applet only runs in sys-net. (The situation can be
>> different if you're running things like VPN VMs, but we'll set those
>> aside here.)
>> In short: the NetworkManager applet shouldn't be visible in
>> sys-firewall in the first place, but it's not a big problem (just a
>> confusing one). There's normally a script that hides it, but in your
>> case, that's not working for some reason.
> My set up is standard with the only change from fresh installation being the 
> updating of templates and dom0. Is this difference of NetworkManager 
> appearing an indication of any loss of function or security?
>> So, are you still having problems updating dom0 and your templates? If 
>> so, can you explain the problems? 
> There were issues with dom0. The link below give the solution:
> The whonix templates were difficult. I was able to update them however I 
> still get a whonixcheck error for the whonix gateway. It reads "WARNING: 
> Whonix Meta Packages Test Result: Whonix-Gateway detected, but the meta 
> package qubes-whonix-gateway is not installed. Did you accidentally uninstall 
> it?"
> I followed the steps from this discussion:
> This did not work:
> "sudo apt-get install qubes-whonix-workstation" on WS template
> "sudo apt-get install qubes-whonix-gateway" on GW template. 
> Another similar command to the two above worked. However the autoremove 
> command did not work. I was root and met the requirements it seemed to need. 
> The sanity check from here did not work, returning 1 instead of 0. The 
> command was not recognised:
> I would like to learn how to fix this meta package error. From what I have 
> read here it would be a risk to my security to bypass this issue.

These steps worked for me (sorry, can't find the source that directed me
here. It mentioned something about upgrading Whonix from 12 to 13
without realizing it.):

> Thank you for providing some sources. Are there any that I can learn to 
> better navigate qubes and use basic code? I will keep looking through the 
> documentation. Aside for running an update on a VM is there anyway to check 
> if the VM (or dom0) is up to date?

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