Hello Drew,

I'm tired of having to re-do the work that gets lost if files get corrupted or not saved properly, and also browsing information from things I'm doing.

I share your frustration. Which computer are you using? Are your applications still running in the background (ie. only the graphical interface is frozen)
or is it a complete system freeze?

On my side I'm running Qubes on a Lenovo Thinkpad T500 and I just wrote a
similar request as yours just a few days ago:


On my side the graphical display is frozen, and with KDE I managed to
workaround the issue by setting KWin to use XRender instead of OpenGL as
compositing engine. After that the system became rock-solid and I never
encountered such freeze anymore for months, while it happened about once a
week until that.

The sad thing is that Qubes has now switched to XFCE, the freezes came back
and I do not know any equivalent setting on XFCE. I recently tried to
completely disable compositing and am now crossing my fingers.


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