On Wednesday, 28 September 2016 03:54:10 UTC+10, raah...@gmail.com  wrote:
> Is your issue after a wake from suspend? Desktop freezes on me on one machine 
> if it is left asleep for too long.  I figure its related to bios or what vms 
> were running when it went to sleep.  I also find its less of a problem on kde 
> then on xfce.  In my case it also seems to happen more often if i wake 
> machine up from power button rather then a keyboard press.

Short answer: no.

Long answer:
  It isn't from waking, it never goes to sleep, only blanks the screen itself.
  I changed to XFCE because it was happenning overnight on KDE. XFCE takes a 
lot longer to happen. 
  Since mine never sleeps, and is always working (I am a programmer), all I 
normally do is move the mouse and it comes back to life from the lock screen.
  But this PC locking up is odd. It never happpenned in version. or 3.0 that I 
can remember. Nope, it did happen once when Qubes Manager absorbed all the RAM. 
Since that 1 leak was fixed, it didn't happen in 3.0. And that didn't matter if 
I used KDE or XFCE.

I wish they would go back to the older GUI instead of this new wanky one.

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