Forgot to say:
Purism is just an overpriced quanta/oem whitebox laptop, it takes 5mil+ of startup funds to do a small run of *just a motherboard* let alone an entire laptop computer including the fab for a fancy aluminum case - it is quite obvious that their components are not "hand selected" and that they just called up some chinese OEM and asked them what they had kicking around.

I can't understand if they are scammers or just really naive, Instead of making an OpenPower or ARM laptop and having it be 100% libre from the start they instead do the dishonest "you'll go to disneyworld one day poor johnny" - If google can't convince intel to open up FSP/ME then nobody can - coreboot with FSP is just shimboot (black box FSP - 95% of the bios work)

It bothers me quite a lot that they are on the list of approved vendors when they are a dishonest company.

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