On Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 10:44:33 PM UTC-8, tai...@gmx.com wrote:
> Forgot to say:
> Purism is just an overpriced quanta/oem whitebox laptop, it takes 5mil+ 
> of startup funds to do a small run of *just a motherboard* let alone an 
> entire laptop computer including the fab for a fancy aluminum case - it 
> is quite obvious that their components are not "hand selected" and that 
> they just called up some chinese OEM and asked them what they had 
> kicking around.
> I can't understand if they are scammers or just really naive, Instead of 
> making an OpenPower or ARM laptop and having it be 100% libre from the 
> start they instead do the dishonest "you'll go to disneyworld one day 
> poor johnny" - If google can't convince intel to open up FSP/ME then 
> nobody can - coreboot with FSP is just shimboot (black box FSP - 95% of 
> the bios work)
> It bothers me quite a lot that they are on the list of approved vendors 
> when they are a dishonest company.

Whoa. Ok, hold on a sec. I did not buy a Purism computer, though not for those 
reasons - putting a 28W TDP proc in a 15inch "workstation" is absurd to me. as 
is their lack of a screen configuration. I hear your anger at the gap between 
what they promise and what they deliver; I'm more displeased on the hardware 
side of things (though I do like HW kill switches. I've looked into what they 
promise and understand very well that they don't actually have a very free 
computer at all, especially on the bios/firmware side.

What I actually ordered (and have now cancelled), was a Dell XPS 15". There is 
no vPro option in the configure menu, though it does support VT-d and SLAT. 
I've read all of Joanna's papers, and understand the concerns about Intel ME 
very well. However, on the Dell order, it claimed "ME Disabled." Perhaps they 
simply meant that vPro/AMT/TXT was disabled, and that was mine and Dell's fault 
for wishful thinking and false naming, respectively. Please see linked photo: 

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