On Wed, 30 Nov 2016, Andrew David Wong wrote:

> Commercial editions of Qubes OS will be customized to meet special corporate
> requirements. For example, two features that might be particularly 
> attractive to corporate customers are (1) "locking down" dom0 in order 
> to separate the user and administrator roles 

I suppose this implies there is unlikely to be support for multi-user
environment for a shared computer any time soon except for commercial
users (e.g., within a family with one of the user effectively having
a sort of "administator role" and the other users would have less 

If yes, are the core devs/maintainers going to actively oppose
inclusion of feature(s) which would make the multi-user case
easier/feasible if it is provided by somebody from community?
I suppose it could be seen overlapping functionality and
therefore rejected on technical grounds (or it might be even
thought to deincentivize from getting the commercial version).

I understand the economical realities, so please don't take this
as complaining of any sort, I'm just asking what is the expected
position here.


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