On 05/21/2017 12:02 AM, David Seaward wrote:
> Hi,
> Previously I've used type II VMs like VirtualBox for application
> testing: install application on the base OS, test features (including
> GUI features, shell integration and system integration), discard
> changes. Additional steps might include: pause/resume the VM, save
> different states of the VM.
> Are Qubes OS VMs suitable for the same purpose? Specifically, is it
> possible to switch from a dom0 view to a VM-only view, rather than VM
> windows appearing in dom0?
> Regards,
> David
> P.S. If this is possible, Qubes OS also seems like a more flexible
> alternative to dual-booting?

If you want to interact with the complete desktop environment for a
particular distro, you can install it in Qubes as a standalone HVM. Then
the environment would work just like a regular VirtualBox VM without the
Seamless Mode (so you could interact with stuff like its Application Menu).

You can use Qubes Manager to pause the VM, but it doesn't seem to stay
paused after a reboot (when the PC comes back up, the VM is essentially
powered off) so I'm not sure if that's totally useful or not. As far as
I know, Qubes/Xen doesn't have the concept of snapshots so restoring to
different states isn't possible. If I'm wrong, then I'm sure someone
will correct me.

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