Getting rid of seamless mode: HVM is one approach, loopback VNC or Xvfb is 
another one.

On pausing VMs: Actually, even if you just suspend and resume the whole system, 
all VMs get unpaused.

Xen actually has some restore capability, at least for PVs and maybe also for 
HVMs. This one is actually used in today's DVM implementation (as of 3.2), but 
it will AFAIK be handled differently in Qubes 4. The problem is it is hard to 
make it working properly with template-based VMs without additional 
restrictions and without counterintuitive impact on performance (like 
hibernated VMs affecting TemplateVM performance). See .

So, if you want hibernation, you can use a standalone VM. Such VM can handle 
everything on its own without involving Qubes (provided that the OS supports 
hibernation). I am not sure if hibernation will work well with standalone PV, 
but with standalone HVM, I see no reason why it should not work.

Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

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