On Saturday, May 20, 2017 at 11:02:52 PM UTC-7, David Seaward wrote:
> Hi,
> Previously I've used type II VMs like VirtualBox for application
> testing: install application on the base OS, test features (including
> GUI features, shell integration and system integration), discard
> changes. Additional steps might include: pause/resume the VM, save
> different states of the VM.
> Are Qubes OS VMs suitable for the same purpose? Specifically, is it
> possible to switch from a dom0 view to a VM-only view, rather than VM
> windows appearing in dom0?

The tool made for this is vagrant. https://www.vagrantup.com/

most vagrant boxes are command line only. for gui desktops, theres 
boxcutter/ubuntu1604-desktop and mwrock/Windows2012R2 

not that you cant make hvm templates in qubes and go with that, but you wont be 
able to share or port your development environment as easily.

qubes is awsome in other ways, and once you try it, you wont want to go back. 
but, nested virtualization is disabled in qubes for security reasons. so you 
wont get to use vagrant in its default form. theres an lxc plugin for vagrant, 
linux only, and you could use the libvirt plugin with qemu, which would be in 
emulation, which is really slow. virtualbox 32bit might also work, but would 
also be slow (emulation) if it did. 

if it matters, another limitation is the lack of graphics acceleration, but its 
still fast enough for most 2d tasks and watching movies in full screen on most 

if you have a reliable connection to something you can use as a vagrant server, 
id use qubes as a terminal to that (which we do at work). if not, and if you 
want to be able to easily share your development environment, id use linux or 
whatever desktop your comfortable with, vagrant, and virtualbox or kvm if you 
need nesting in your environments (if your testing hypervisors for example)

if the dev environment is trivial or sharing it doesnt matter so much, then you 
might as well benefit from qubes.

> P.S. If this is possible, Qubes OS also seems like a more flexible
> alternative to dual-booting?

dual booting would break the security model. if you do want to dual boot, look 
into AEM to make sure the other os doesnt compromise the boot loader for qubes.

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