On Mon, 2017-05-22 at 05:48 -0700, Matty South wrote:
> > Previously I've used type II VMs like VirtualBox for application
> > testing: install application on the base OS, test features
> > (including
> > GUI features, shell integration and system integration), discard
> > changes. Additional steps might include: pause/resume the VM, save
> > different states of the VM.
> > 
> > Are Qubes OS VMs suitable for the same purpose? Specifically, is it
> > possible to switch from a dom0 view to a VM-only view, rather than
> > VM
> > windows appearing in dom0?
> > 
> > Regards,
> > David
> > 
> > P.S. If this is possible, Qubes OS also seems like a more flexible
> > alternative to dual-booting?
> Great question, David. I would say if testing could be done in Xen,
> then it could likely be done in Qubes. It's really difficult to mess
> with dom0 or how it looks, so I doubt you will have luck switching
> views. What guest OS will you mainly use for testing?  One option may
> be, if you're accustomed to Virtualbox for Windows for example,
> setting up a Windows VM how you like it for testing and loading a
> guests in there. I can't comment on the performance of Virtualbox
> inside of a VM though. Has anyone else done this?

Revisiting this (thanks for the input Matty). It seems this would be
easiest to achieve with a "Hardware VM domain" (HVM) as outlined here:


The screenshots demonstrate that the HVM desktop runs in its own
window. HVMs can be managed via the command line or the Qubes Manager.
Note that the Qubes Manager is scheduled for improvements in Qubes 4.0:


It would be interesting to know if it is possible (and a good idea) to
install GNOME Boxes on dom0 and access HVMs from there. Or if Qubes
Manager is "good enough" for managing full-desktop-GUI VMs.


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