On 2017-09-11 10:17, taii...@gmx.com wrote:
> On 09/11/2017 05:45 AM, Gaijin wrote:
>> My company forces me to only buy Dell hardware. They're OK with me
>> running Qubes on my next workstation, but I'm a bit unsure about what
>> hardware options to choose, and would appreciate any advice.
> That's pretty lame you can't build your own and get a real mans
> computer - one that is owner controlled (ex: talos2, kcma-d8/kgpe-d16)
>> Being uncertain of the Qubes 4.x requirements more than a year ago I put
>> in a request for a Dell Precision T5810 workstation with:
>> CPU: Xeon E5-2630 v4 (10 cores)
>> Graphics: AMD FirePro W7100
>> However, looking at the 4.x requirements page and some forum threads, it
>> doesn't sound like AMD graphics cards are very Qubes-friendly. My only
>> other option at this product level is an nVidia Quadro (or AMD Radeon).
> Nonsense, as with any linux video driver issue it depends on how new
> the hardware is.
> The professional series card means you can contact AMD for skilled
> tech support, I would also get Dell's ProSupport so that you can get
> an american on the phone.
> Nvidia is unfriendly to open source and virtualization (on their
> consumer devices) even more than AMD these days so I wouldn't, I for
> one dislike recompiling the kernel every time I update an nvidia
> computer running linux.
>> I'd like to know if this looks like a good setup to proceed with, or if
>> I should consider something else (within the Dell lineup/options).
>> If I wanted to get a Xeon chip with the built-in Intel Graphics built in
>> I could look at the Precision 3000 series where they offer machines with
>> a Xeon E3-1275 with only 4 cores, and a maximum of 64GB RAM. Only
>> problem there is that I run a lot of simultaneous Qubes, including
>> Windows, so I was concerned that I couldn't expand the RAM on this
>> machine in the future if necessary. I'll be stuck with this machine
>> quite a while, so I wanted to make the most of this purchase.
> 64gb is fine, if you want to save your (their?) money.

Yeah, I suggested some other hardware, but they wouldn't budge on that
point, so I have to make do with Dell. I'll have to save the good stuff
for the home build...

So you think I could get away with the AMD graphics card and the E5 Xeon
setup? Or will I be saving myself a lot of hassle by going with the
integrated Intel graphics on the slightly lower end processor?

Part of my motivation here is to hopefully have Qubes up and running on
this machine without too much hassle...like recompiling kernels or
spending tons of time with support.

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