When Qubes gets a separate GUIVM, the risks of GUI virtualization could become 
lower, because the GUIVM is expected to be more up-to-date (and thus have 
recent security updates for the drivers) than the current dom0.

The GUI virtualization should be optional (so user can choose the reasonable 
tradeoff). This can be actually good for security provided that the choice is 
informed. User that wants some GPU-insentive tasks will now probably choose 
Ubuntu (or dualboot) over Qubes. None of them are better choices than allowing 
to take some risks for some VMs.

Before GUIVM is implemented, it probably does not make much sense to implement 
GPU virtualization, because it would make additional maintenance effort for ITL.

GPU passthrough (that can be also used with some less secure approach of GPU 
virtualization) might be a reasonable addition for some people, but not as a 
general solution for all Qubes users, because external monitors often connected 
to the dedicated GPU*. Not mentioning laptops with just one GPU. (Those can be 
more common for Linux and Qubes users.)

I foresee a GPUVM in VM settings (like today's NetVM in VM settings).

Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

*) I honestly don't know the reason for that. In the past, I had laptop with 
three graphical outputs (screen, VGA and HDMI). Since the old integrated GPU 
was able only two of them, it makes sense that one of the outputs goes through 
the dedicated cards. The last time I checked, it however looks like this should 
be no longer a problem. Today's Intel CPUs seem to often support three displays 
(quickly verified on Intel ARK on few random CPUs), while today's laptops tend 
to have just two outputs (internal and HDMI).

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