On Friday, 26 January 2018 03:36:33 UTC, Andrew David Wong  wrote:
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> On 2018-01-25 12:28, awokd wrote:
> > Resuming working my way through splitting up the documentation now 
> > that the 3.2 vs. 3.3 question has been mostly settled. Some
> > general questions:
> > 
> > 1. Should I open an issue for tracking and move the discussion
> > over there? Move to qubes-devel? Keep here?
> Please open an issue in qubes-issues.
> (Doing so does not preclude discussion here or on qubes-devel.)
> > 2. The command line tools in particular 
> > (https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/vm-tools/ and 
> > https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/dom0-tools/) seem Wrong to try to 
> > share the same pages for 3.2 and 4.0. Not only is the selection of 
> > commands slightly different between versions, but many have 
> > slightly different options ("-a" vs. "a"). I'm thinking of copying 
> > all the existing pages, appending "4" so they can be linked to 
> > directly, and putting in their own section. Thoughts?
> Those pages are automatically generated from the man pages stored with
> the tools' source code in their own respective repos, so any changes
> to those pages in qubes-doc will be overwritten. Changes should be
> made to the original files instead. That way, the changes will persist
> when the qubes-doc versions are automatically generated.
> I agree that the tool man pages should not be shared between 3.2 and
> 4.0 (but they probably wouldn't be anyway, due to the nature of the
> system just described).
> > 3. Some of these documents are pretty outdated. Should we have an 
> > Archive link and move stuff like 
> > https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/template/fedora/upgrade-18-to-20/ to 
> > it so it doesn't clutter up the main Docs page?
> > 
> There are two categories of outdated documents:
> 1. Documents that we want updated (but that no one has updated yet).
> 2. Documents that are about old topics (but are otherwise good).
> I don't think it would make sense to move documents of category 1 into
> an archive section, since that would incorrectly suggest that we don't
> want or expect them to be updated.
> The old Fedora upgrade documents fall into category 2. However, it
> looks like they (and perhaps the release notes for unsupported Qubes
> versions) are the only major offenders visible in the main table of
> contents. This is understandable, since a new version of the document
> gets added each time there's a new version of the corresponding
> software. I think it makes sense to handle these cases specifically,
> by creating a page that collects all the versions of each one. I'll do
> this now.
> In general, it's worth thinking about whether we even want to keep
> severely outdated category 2 documentation around. Does it have any
> value anymore, or will it just produce misleading search results?
> (Note that it will all remain permanently archived in the git revision
> history, so it's mainly a question of visibility on the website.)
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> JAFtJLB6FbXssbK3JASOvGKpMxcktfQe3quJZmTaMY2yLkBaomA=
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Happy to contribute. maybe we can have a direct conversation so that we can 
discuss what is needed and where I feel comfortable...

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