On Fri, January 26, 2018 3:36 am, Andrew David Wong wrote:
> On 2018-01-25 12:28, awokd wrote:
>> 1. Should I open an issue for tracking and move the discussion
>> over there? Move to qubes-devel? Keep here?
> Please open an issue in qubes-issues.


> I agree that the tool man pages should not be shared between 3.2 and
> 4.0 (but they probably wouldn't be anyway, due to the nature of the
> system just described).

What will be the naming convention for direct links? I can see sometimes
we'd want to link to the latest version of qvm-whatever, and other times
when we want to link to a specific major version.

> I
> think it makes sense to handle these cases specifically, by creating a
> page that collects all the versions of each one. I'll do this now.

Thank you.

> In general, it's worth thinking about whether we even want to keep
> severely outdated category 2 documentation around. Does it have any value
> anymore, or will it just produce misleading search results? (Note that it
> will all remain permanently archived in the git revision history, so it's
> mainly a question of visibility on the website.)

My vote is to axe it.

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