On Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 11:10:05 AM UTC+1, ThierryIT wrote:
> Le lundi 29 janvier 2018 09:00:23 UTC+2, ThierryIT a écrit :
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Not possible anymore to hide "un-running VMs" ?
> > By the way, is it possible to create in Qubes Manager folders to be able to 
> > sort out VMs ?
> > 
> > Thx
> nobody ?

It's not possible no, and I doubt it will be before someone re-makes the 
Manager from almost the beginning (a lot of work).

The Qubes Manager was only brought back because of people asking for it, but it 
was never intended or designed to work together with Qubes 4, and it did not 
receive the required re-make work to get a proper working manager, so the 
current old-new manager is buggy, slow, and newer Qubes 4+ features cannot be 
implemented as it is. The problem is Qubes 4 works very differently, and from 
what I read from earlier developer posts a year ago or so, it would take 
extensive work, effort and time to re-make the Qubes Manager for Qubes 4. In 
addition, the Qubes Manager was seen as being something akin to "bloat", it was 
not making Qubes feeling like you used any other normal computer system. The 
Qubes developers goal is not only maximum possible security, it's also 
user-ability and ease-of-use without making compromises to security. Removing 
the Qubes Manager was seen as a stepping stone towards that goal. While Qubes 4 
isn't quite finished yet, and not ready to entirely let go of the Qubes 
Manager, the idea (I believe) was to get there as soon as possible. It was 
never intended to bring back the Qubes Manager, now known as the Qube Manager, 
notice the removal of the letter "s". The new-old Qube Manager's re-name, is 
probably to put emphasis on the fact that it's now only a VM-tool, and not a 
system-wide Qubes OS tool. 

Also it's been explicitly said that no Qubes 4 existing features will be added 
to the new-old Qube Manager. Which might also hint towards no changes coming to 
Qube Manager. If anything, it has to be re-made almost entirely to work well 
with Qubes 4+, and currently no one is doing that. Maybe we'll see it in Qubes 
5, or later? Who knows, but I don't think we need a manager like this though, 
Qubes 4 works just fine without one, just like how the developers intended it 
to be. Sure the Qubes 4 approach could be polished a bit to make up not having 
a Qube Manager, but they managed to get pretty far already, it just needs a bit 
more to make the Qube Manager completely redundant. Until then, either use 
secondary tools, or use the old-new Qube-Manager.

Try get used to the change instead. If you want to see memory/CPU use, then use 
other tools, like top, htop, xentop, etc. (the list is long).

The most difficult thing about Qubes, is to get used to change. The same 
difficulty getting used to Qubes for the first time using it, goes too for 
changing from Qubes 3.2. to Qubes 4.0. The very way a user is meant and 
designed to interact with Qubes, has indeed changed in Qubes 4.0.

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