On Sunday, 4 February 2018 18:10:44 CET Yuraeitha wrote:
> Also it's been explicitly said that no Qubes 4 existing features will be
> added to the new-old Qube Manager. Which might also hint towards no
> changes coming to Qube Manager. If anything, it has to be re-made almost
> entirely to work well with Qubes 4+, and currently no one is doing that.

The Qubes Manager is written to Qt4, which is equally outdated as the 
backends of Qubes it used (3.x).

I started a project using Qubes4-api and Qt5 APIs, though. See Ps at the 
bottom of the mail.

[start rant]

The biggest issue i ran into is that Qubes4 is just too immature to actually 
use for more than browsing and email. It was too painful for my desktop 
full-time work machine.
I tried for 2 months, my significant other stated that I had been 
extraordinary patient with Qubes when I finally stopped using it ;)

My problems are widespread;
* the admin-api is very immature and poorly implemented. Getting a stack-
trace in the server logs and no answer is just unacceptable. Unit tests, 
* system-tray is hopelessly broken. Losing apps because they don't show in 
the system-tray up when you close them was fun!
* The design of qubes-daemon is too fragile, it starts/stops VMs and 
patiently waits and hopes everything will work. I expected a much more 
'hands-on' approach (at least for Linux kernels) with much more reporting. I 
also lost data because apps aren't being quit, they are being killed on VM 
* Why do I see 'lock'-icons for most of my windows in the task-bar?
* the documentation is very out-of-date.
* I don't know how, it may be fedora packaging, it may be qubes packaging or 
configs, but the amount of KDE (apps running in dom0) crashes I had in the 2 
months of using Qubes is greater than the amount i had in the previous 5 
years. This boggles the mind...
* The graphics pipeline is hopelessly outdated. Its about a decade behind 
the industry.
* Poor quality of many tools, the icon-copier copying the 22px icon from a 
VM instead of the 256 one that was also there is just... sad.
* The amount of services, bash-scripts, config files, duplicated data in 
qubes and then again in the system is horrible, under documented mess.
* rexecd validation being implemented using bash is a joke (mostly felt 
because its extremely slow)
* total lack of mature end-user-focused tools. Swear to God. There are zero 
* Having nothing but python APIs for your operating system is something that 
makes no sense. Python was never meant for servers, or even big 
applications. Finding a full-stack python developer is more rare than 
finding a Bitcoin C++ developer.


Qubes is an amazing idea, has some fantastic and genius concepts in it.
I hope many of those things will get fixed, although the list has grown so 
long that I'm not sure it can without being forked.

ps. https://github.com/QubesController is the place where I wrote an already 
pretty decent "Qubes Controller" using the new APis.
I'm open to adding anyone to the approved committers list that wants to work 
on it.

Tom Zander
Blog: https://zander.github.io
Vlog: https://vimeo.com/channels/tomscryptochannel

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