Everyone knows those issues on this board and its understood.  Point being he 
asked for present day high end laptop but at the same time I will agree with 
you that for most basic use models its not so much the processor as it is ram 
amount but one thing for sure is you can not recommend a PC that one is not a 
laptop and two has no xen or qubes support i.e talon/powerpc.

I think its rather moot talking about intel backdoors when its 100% plausible 
that countless firmwares are backdoored.  Its been mentioned numerous times by 
Joanna Marek and others that at some point at this current point in consumer 
computing ayou must accept trust.  Whatever that point is may be different for 
different people but unless you are going to make a computer from silicon up 
and every line of code to include a compiler etc you must trust at some level.  
Thus the whole idea of picking and choosing which of the possible violation is 
unacceptable is rather moot

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