On 03/02/2018 01:27 AM, Tim W wrote:

No it does not yet it gets repeatedly mentioned to where it makes people think 
its viable option which it is not.

The op wants a high end laptop which also eliminates all the old coreboot 
laptops.  as he wants a laptop it also removes the asusu amd server board 
desktop builds.  Best bet is lenovo thinkpad with the highest ram and processor 
combo and ssd drive/s.  It will likely give the best compatibility
I guarantee no one can tell the difference between a quad core ivy bridge W520 and whatever the latest crap lenovo is selling.

Secure laptop.
Slightly faster laptop.

Pick one.

I am tired of people like you who recommend choices that are literally dangerous - lenovo adds backdoors and virii to their modern hardware, and they have done so again and again even after getting caught multiple times.

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