Am 12.03.2018 7:40 vorm. schrieb "Yuraeitha" <yuraei...@gmail.com>:

This is getting ridiculousness, another two posts automatically removed
straight after or shortly after posting, it's inhuman speeds, it is
certainly google-bots pretty censorship handy-work non normal

Honestly I haven't understand why Qubes Team is hosting it's Mailinglist on

[...] Google collects and maintains information about your account
activity, including the groups that you join or manage, lists of other
members or invitees in the groups, messages or topics you track, custom
pages you create or edit, ratings you make, and your preferred settings
when using Google Groups [...]

I am sure that there are solutions where a Mailinglist can be hosted and as
others have suggested maybe run a forum.

Maybe https://savannah.gnu.org/ ?


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