On 04/09/2018 03:28 AM, Chris Laprise wrote:
On 04/09/2018 03:25 AM, john wrote:
Is this utility available in 4.0 now?  Or how would I obtain it ?


I have 3 geolocations, but setup is somewhat time consuming, for more, be nice if this was stable, Seems like it does say  "beta"

The latest (beta3) was just updated in the main 'master' branch... main change from qubes4 is just code streamlining. The qubes4 branch is no longer used.

It should work fine in Qubes 4.0.

forgive me but I don't understand step #2 in Q4.0 :



   Transfer Qubes-vpn-support folder to the template or proxy VM of
   your choice, then run install. This will also prompt for your VPN
   login credentials either in this step (proxyVM) or next step (template):

   |cd Qubes-vpn-support sudo bash ./install |


I see no dir  Qubes-vpn-support anywhere,  "transfer" ? mv  it from where to where ; if it were in dom0 my understand is files don't moved out of dom0

further, on step 1 ; the way the AppVM(proxyVMs) seem now one no longer see's choices, though I got that far :)

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