> techg...@gmail.com
> If, as I suspect, the root cause of your problem is a lack of metadata space 
> on pool00; you can confirm this by typing "sudo lvs" into a console.  You 
> will then need to figure out a way to enlarge that metadata volume.

Yes, you are right, the `pool00` volume metadata was >96% when this happened. 
The thing is that the volume metadata was set to a quite small size after 
install (96mb on a 46gb pool) and after install was on ~20% usage. I started to 
use the system, testing stuff with DispVMs, restoring my debian templates and 
some work VMs. After a couple of days of usage the metadata climbed very 
little, to 27-28%.

I tried to have a second pool to hold my machines, precisely to avoid issues 
with thin provisioning on the pool holding `root` and `swap` and services vms. 
But the lack of support for cloning/moving between pools made that effort moot.

So I `lvextend`ed `pool00` and forgot to properly enlarge it's  `pool00_tmeta` 

When doing some more customization, including restoring more larger sized qubes 
and cloning/renaming qubes it seems the metadata usage climbed really fast and 
hit this bug.

Unfortunately, could not recover from that.

It looks like qubes lvm actions while metadata was full may have corrupted the 
metadata somehow, since I could enlarge and repair the thin metadata from a 
live cd, but many of the volumes that where in use where never available again. 
The -private and -snap for the qubes that were running (not sure how to discard 
them) and also all the volumes of the qubes being restored and services vms are 
lost ("NOT available" as lvm status)

I remember there was some Saltstack magic to recreate the services vms, but 
could not find anything for R4.0... So I had to revert to R3.2 for the time 

I will keep the failing install for debugging, or may be able to recover if 
someone can provide any tips about:

- How to recreate sys-net, sys-firewall and sys-usb on a R4.0 system
- how to recover a qube whose -snap volumes are no longer available (I have no 
problem losing these short-term data)

Thanks for pointing to the right direction!

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