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On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 08:19:10AM -0700, Pablo Di Noto wrote:
> > techg...@gmail.com
> > If, as I suspect, the root cause of your problem is a lack of metadata 
> > space on pool00; you can confirm this by typing "sudo lvs" into a console.  
> > You will then need to figure out a way to enlarge that metadata volume.
> Yes, you are right, the `pool00` volume metadata was >96% when this happened. 
> The thing is that the volume metadata was set to a quite small size after 
> install (96mb on a 46gb pool) and after install was on ~20% usage. I started 
> to use the system, testing stuff with DispVMs, restoring my debian templates 
> and some work VMs. After a couple of days of usage the metadata climbed very 
> little, to 27-28%.
> I tried to have a second pool to hold my machines, precisely to avoid issues 
> with thin provisioning on the pool holding `root` and `swap` and services 
> vms. But the lack of support for cloning/moving between pools made that 
> effort moot.
> So I `lvextend`ed `pool00` and forgot to properly enlarge it's  
> `pool00_tmeta` counterpart.

What sizes you have there?
For me tmeta is 118MB for a ~450GB pool00. And after few months of usage
it's still at 33%...

> When doing some more customization, including restoring more larger sized 
> qubes and cloning/renaming qubes it seems the metadata usage climbed really 
> fast and hit this bug.
> Unfortunately, could not recover from that.
> It looks like qubes lvm actions while metadata was full may have corrupted 
> the metadata somehow, since I could enlarge and repair the thin metadata from 
> a live cd, but many of the volumes that where in use where never available 
> again. The -private and -snap for the qubes that were running (not sure how 
> to discard them) and also all the volumes of the qubes being restored and 
> services vms are lost ("NOT available" as lvm status)

You could also try to revert to earlier revision using "qvm-volume
revert sys-net:private" for example.

> I remember there was some Saltstack magic to recreate the services vms, but 
> could not find anything for R4.0... So I had to revert to R3.2 for the time 
> being.

Especially links at the bottom:

> I will keep the failing install for debugging, or may be able to recover if 
> someone can provide any tips about:
> - How to recreate sys-net, sys-firewall and sys-usb on a R4.0 system
> - how to recover a qube whose -snap volumes are no longer available (I have 
> no problem losing these short-term data)
> Thanks for pointing to the right direction!

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Best Regards,
Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
Invisible Things Lab
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