Am Fr., 25. Jan. 2019, 21:04 hat gone <s...@posteo.net> geschrieben:

> 1st of all, I have read this:
> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/copy-from-dom0/
> Maybe I just draw a mental blank but I can't find a really
> quick way to copy text (not files) from dom0-Terminal to
> another VM (into a post like this for instance). I thinking
> of some easy and logical keyboardcshortcuts like the ones
> that exist for copying text between domUs.

Feel free to use this script, which needs xclip to be installed in dom0 and
also the AppVM.

There is also a never version which can copy from/to dom0 in one command.
Haven't uploaded it to GitHub yet.
Not that nice as the qubes clipboard but it does its job and I have always
a dom0 terminal open.

- O


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