For the patching, I modified the xen.spec(.in) file adding the patch to the 
already existing set of patches (eg. as Patch628).  This way the patch is 
applied even after make clean, when the xen sources are gunzipped again. 
I also compiled xen-4.12.0 with the patch, and there were no compilation 
errors.  I cannot test this yet on dev:Qubes 4.1, FC29 dom0, because I'm having 
trouble setting up a working fc29 dom0.

Interestingly, suspend-by-lid-closing works for the first time after a clean 
boot, but then better to use the menu.  Maybe some ACPI functions get broken 
after first suspend/resume. (but this is rather a CB and not Qubes topic...).

About debugging: yes, it would be great to have serial debugging on g505s 
(without an addon card), and I think it is not entirely impossible through the 
EC debug port (JP3), or EHCI...But this is rather a topic for CB and @Mike...

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