> Xen is difficult to debug without a classic onboard serial port for
> console output. Has to be some bug in that function.

Could Xen print messages to a screen? If yes, then it is possible to
find this function and insert the bunch of printf("1/2/3/etc") //
sleep(1) ( sleep is necessary to ensure that, before some action that
freezes the system, your just-printed message will be displayed on a
screen - without sleep, if it freezes too fast, may be not enough time
to display)

Although I have FT232H USB debug dongle, which could be used to get
the console output from USB 2.0 port (e.g. coreboot cbmem log) - I
don't know if it could be useful for Xen messages as well (and if any
extra configuration is required to make Xen output to this dongle),
and so many projects I don't have enough time to figure this out. So,
if you have some free time, you may try this printf / sleep approach

Or, alternatively, please open a bug at Xen about this regression,
maybe they know an easy way of how to disable this check for AMD or at
least could provide some debugging ideas... It is in our best
interests that some solution for this problem gets upstreamed.

Best regards,
Mike Banon

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