On Sun, Jun 02, 2019 at 07:41:36AM +0000, Finn wrote:
> I've installed Qubes-OS 4.0.1 and it's XFCE desktop environment but I
> would rather prefer either KDE or GNOME desktop environment. I found
> this document[1] where mentioned that Qubes-OS is migrating towards
> GNOME but at the time of installation only XFCE (neither KDE nor GNOME)
> is available. I was wondering, is there a way I can use my preferred
> desktop environment? Or, I have to wait for GNOME until migration is not
> fully completed because it seems currently there is no support for KDE.
> [1]: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/usability-ux/

There are minor issues with KDE - the most significant is that the
sys-net icon does not appear - there's a blank icon there. Other than
that KDE works fine. In fact, that's offset by the ease of menu
manipulation, use of activities to ensure separation of qube windows etc
This is completley separate from using mainly Gnome programs.

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