> Could not find a solution how, if even possible to pick which kernel to 
> boot or/and modify kernel parameters before booting like i am used from 
> grub by pressing 'e'.
> Does UEFI Boot support this or/and how can i safely switch my setup to grub 
> boot? I would like to see what happens when i remove the plymouth option (:
UEFI boot doesn't support on-the-fly modifications like grub. You can
edit that xen.cfg and change the default= to a different entry, but it
won't take effect until next boot. It might be possible to switch boot
to grub, but I wouldn't call it "safe". Some of the new systems only
support UEFI booting, for example, so switching to grub might break boot.

However, as long as you have a Live boot image of some type nearby, you
can try edits in your xen.cfg. If it breaks something, boot the Live
image, mount your drive, and edit xen.cfg back. Looks like
https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/3849 is why it got added,
so doesn't seem like it would hurt to try removing (but don't think it
would gain you anything either).

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